Continuous Hinges


One of the most important aspects of a secure door opening is a strong lock in good working order.

To be in good working order, the lock must properly align and engage in the frame.

This brings us to the often forgotten hinge.

  • If a door doesn’t swing smoothly and close completely, the physical locking action may be compromised. If a door sags or drags, the deadlatch may not property engage or the deadbolt may not fully expend. Either way the door is not fully secured.
  • The unique ability of the continuous hinge to solve door swing and sag problems makes it worth consideration.
  • There is a continuous hinge made for most applications.

Patented 3-HR. fire rating

Patented 3-hr. Fire Rating available without pins or studs. No extra parts to buy or install, no liability worries. Design innovation approved for positive and negative pressure.

Anodized after machining

Anodizing after machining delivers superior wear, durability and life, inhibits corrosion.

Pair-matched leaves

Pair-matched hinge leaves are manufactured together, machined together and anodized together, so hinges fit your doors better and last longer.

Consistent templating

Consistent templating means hinges line up perfectly.

User-friendly hole pattern

User-friendly screw-hole pattern makes installation easier and faster using fewer holes placed at key stress points. Avoids butt cut-outs.

Lifetime lubricant

Graphite-based, lifetime lubricant in gear cap eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Even the gears are lubricated for the life of the entrance.

Coated fasteners

Coated fasteners give additional corrosion protection. Specify either self-drilling thread-forming (SDTF) or thread-forming (TF) screws.

High-traffic durability


Custom anodized and painted finishes to match any color you need on the gear cap or the entire hinge, including our always-in-stock bone White gear caps.