I appreciate very much our more than 20 years business relationship and I am very impressed by your professional service, help, kindness and friendship. Your personal help is beyond what is described in the contract (treating special letters, taking special measures for safety, removing grass on the pavement, changing the roof, etc…). I trust you and I know that I can count on you whenever and whatever I need help for.

Jianwei Zhang, Ph.D.
Chairman, Alstom Group China



Thank you so much from both of us.  The peace of mind that you provide us is priceless. Since our expatriation to France, we know that our property is completely secure. Thank you for taking care of our plants and ensuring that everything is in order. We also appreciate that you forward all our mail.

Suzanne et Sylvain



Thank you for all that you do for me. You can’t imagine how much I really appreciate it. As I am currently expatriated for two years to Thailand, it is important for me to be able to rely on Herscu Security to conduct the inspection of our property.

Olga – Bombardier Transport



We wish to thank you for all that you do for us. We are very grateful to have met you! Upon our return, our house was in great condition as usual. Your magic touch has touched our heart after such a long trip from Chili. A touch that only family has. Meaghan is very happy with the gift for her cat, Gasper!

Many thanks and Merry X-Mas for you and all the family!

Nabil, Gaby et Meaghan



We would like to express our appreciation for taking excellent good care of our house during the past two years.

You have exceeded your help to even covering our plumbing and water heater leaking problems! And each time we came back for a short time we did appreciate the fact that you did the installation of an electric timer to keep some light inside the property at night. Having the property ready for us warms our hearts and we feel home again immediately.

Thank you again as your kind help has always been highly appreciated.

Yan et Frank
Île Bizard



We would like to thank you for having taken good care of our home and our plants in our absence. Your professionalism and interventions were much appreciated.
It is quite reassuring to be able to rely on the person who watches over our belongings. This allowed us to have complete peace of mind. Thank you.

Caroline et Benoit



We would like to thank you for having taken such good care of our house while in assignment in Mexico.

Thank you as well for having made sure that everything was ready for our return!

We were also pleasantly surprised to see the effort you put into saving our house plants. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

Have a wonderful day!


Erik, Maria et la petite Emilia