Security Tips


Home is our safe haven. It provides shelter, warmth, and protection. It is a place where we watch our children grow up. It is a place where we find comfort. It protects our possessions, but more importantly it protects us and our precious family members. Unfortunately, many homes are not as safe as the owner’s think:

  • Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized;
  • In more than 50 percent of all residential burglaries, entry is gained through a door;
  • More than 85 percent of break-ins are committed by non-professional burglars, who are usually desperate and dangerous individuals;
  • Fifty percent of all burglaries occur during the day.

Good quality doors and windows combined with quality locks and key control are your first line of defense against a break-in. Medeco³ offers patented key control which prevents the unauthorized duplication of keys:

If you have a regular key, it can be copied at thousands of places that duplicate keys. However, Medeco ³’s patented keys can only be duplicated by authorized Medeco dealers and only with the proper identification. In fact, Medeco dealers must follow strictly enforced legal procedures when making a copy of a Medeco ³ key. They must match your identification, verify authorization, and keep a record of every key cut.

With Medeco³, you don’t have to worry that someone has a key that you don’t know about, and who might use it to unlock your door.