Folding Gates


We provide Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Gates (often called Steel Gate or Expandable Gates) at very competitive prices.

We professionally install these gates to provide you maximum satisfaction and security. These Expandable Folding Security Gates can be installed virtually anywhere and any way you need it, including inside door jambs, outside door jambs, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, between walls and even on windows.

These gates are also known as Door Gates, Expandable Gates, Expandable Swing Gates, Access Gates, Retractable Gates and Storefront Gates.

Double Diamond Folding Gate

Double Diamond Folding Gates Are Specially Designed with a Tight weave Double Diamond Pattern and a Full length Lock Post which allows for a Standard Interior Thumbturn Lock. Allowing Easy Egress in Emergency Exit Situations.

Additional Security is provided by the Heavy Duty Lock Post And Gate Construction. Lock post can Accept Any standard Mortise Lock Cylinder.

Folding Gate Cage

Custom made to client specifications for various applications, Herscu Security cages are durable, fully functional and cost effective.

Mobile Trolley System

Trolley Folding Gates (Gates On Wheels) offer Mobility and Security in Industrial Applications.

Customized to your Application Herscu Security offers an assortment of Flexible Trolley Solutions.

Overhead Door Folding Gate

These gates may be installed inside a dock door.

Extended Brackets can be installed to keep Gates back and clear of Overhead Doors.

Patio Door Folding Gate

Can be mounted on interior or exterior of exit providing additional security to a vulnerable access point.

Also provides security while door is open for ventilation purposes. A Cost Effective and Secure Solution.

Storefront Folding Gate

This ideal security folding gate model is known for simplicity and speed in installing in any storefront.

We are currently providing these services NATIONWIDE to:

  • Retail Chains
  • Real Estate Investment Groups
  • Commercial Retail Maintenance Companies
  • Multi-Tenant Residential Management Companies